Bristol Village Reviews

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Great place

My friend's mother moved in here when she retired and she just loves the place

Good people. Pleasant surroundings.

I have been a resident of Legacy Village since 01/01/2004, nearly 10 years! Needless to say I'm a contented, retired male; 81 years young. I've lived in apartments throughout the United States most of my adult life and in Utah since around 1976. Never, in all these many years of apartment living have I enjoyed a more fulfilling experience then I have at Legacy Village Apartments in Taylorsville. The apartment's themselves are professionally maintained, both inside and out. I rate the management team the most professional, friendly, caring and just plain fun folks, above all other apartment living I've experienced. They give 110% plus of their time to making the tenants feel that Legacy Village is THEIR home. My only complaint is that I don't have more free time to participate in all of the exciting social activities provided by the management team, I can honestly say, if your looking for an adult apartment facility, where you can be assured of enjoying your senior years, THIS IS THE PLACE!